Wanted: A Good Citizen

You have been searching high and low for clues to what makes a person a good citizen.   With your team answer the following questions.  Write your answers on a piece of loose leaf so you don't forget them.  
  1. What are the characteristics of a good citizen?  Make a list of at least 3 characteristics. Example: kind, helpful
  2. Where would you find a good citizen? List at least 1 place. Example: grocery store
  3. What would you see a good citizen doing? List at least 2 activities. Example: reporting a spill in the store, picking up items you knock over
Use the information from your questions to make a Wanted Poster. See the teacher for the Wanted Poster worksheet. Your poster must include a picture and show the answers to the three questions above. 

A Tip From Detective SWIM

Make sure your answer to "Where would you find a good citizen?" and "What you would see a good citizen doing?" make sense with the picture you draw on the Wanted Poster worksheet.  They should all go together!

NCSCOS Language Arts Competency Goal 3, objective(s): 3.02
NCSCOS Language Arts Competency Goal 4, objective(s): 4.05
NCSCOS Language Arts Competency Goal 5, objective(s): 5.02
NCSCOS Social Studies Competency Goal 1, objective(s): 1.01